Echoing the Place du Capitole
in Toulouse

Personalized lighting
for Maison Joanne

Design of light objects for the tasting area
from Maison Joanne in Bordeaux.
Illuminated columns, mobile luminous tasters.
Rechargeable LED source.

Château de la Martinette

Specific study of a wall lamp
for Le Château de La Martinette, in the French Riviera.

Wall outdoor lights nested in the stone walls
for marking walkways, parking and terraces,
bringing to light the visual identity of La Martinette.

Two versions are presented on these pictures:
wall lamps and facade lights.

Made in France

Château Franc Mayne

LYX signs the installation of a light path
in the underground quarries
of Franc Mayne castle in St Emilion .

Personalization of the AP 010 wall lamp.

Made of steel, this outdoor wall light fits
traditional or contemporary architectures.

Its low consumption LED projector
(10 W / 1000 lumens / 3000 ° K / IP 65)
diffuses a warm light.

Made in France


Andrea candle

In the spirit of the autonomous ANDREA lamp,
a generous and exclusive interpretation in a candlestick version.

At the heart of 2 crossed frames,
a transparent column protects a trio of candles.

In welcome signage at the hotel
La Réserve de Ramatuelle
on the shores of the Mediterranean sea.


When the shadow plays with the light …

A solar table lamp
composed of a large steel fishnet *
inscribed in a cube of 30 cm side.

At night, the X casts its shadows,
and draws endlessly interwoven lines on the floor.

By day, every hour of the day,
perception of perspectives
is an … Illusion of reality.

* The fishnet designates the frame of a stained glass window.

l’X, solar to the living room!

For interior lighting, the l’X solar lamp
offers free, autonomous and renewable energy
to illuminate a living room, illuminate a bedroom, …

LYX solar lanterns offer portable lighting
to vary the lighting moods
in the living rooms.

Made in france

Solar lamp Ring

This outdoor solar lamp made of steel
in a Corten rust color, decorates the space
like a light sculpture.

A sundial during the day, it becomes a terrace lamp
or a garden lamp at dusk…

Solar lamp with a motion sensor, 500 lumens, 3000° K,
it diffuses a warm light to create an original luminous atmosphere.

Made in France

RING for indoor …
The sun enters the house.

Free energy to light up your evenings!

Soft, autonomous and renewable energy
to light up your evenings.

LYX solar lamps take their place in the living room,
in the kitchen, in the bedroom, …
Dimmable mood lighting around the corner
of your sofa, on a piece of furniture, in an entrance.

Lighting designed and manufactured in France.
LYX lamps are given special attention
to join the circle of exceptional lighting.